Prosimu Manager Basic or Integrale version
(Simulation Room Management Software):

Developed 100% by Prosimu.
100% compatible only with the Prosimu eco-system.
Adaptation / addition and modification of the software possible on request (optional)
Game preparation and creation system (server)
Weather/Day-Night-Rain management.... (From version 4.1 only/ Integrale version only)
Launch of remote simulators
Choice of race by number of laps or by duration.
Assignment of names for each simulator
Choice of the type of remote display for each simulator
(6 different Presets / customizable to measure)
Choice of distance difficulty for each simulator (3 levels)
Remote emergency stop system.
Remote base time/ranking/telemetry display and management system.
Remote Smart TV BroadCast System (Optional)
Complete management of the Motion remotely for each simulator (Global Force + Adjustment of 6 Dofs)
Possibility 100% Offline (no update problem...latency...) and recommended.
Extinguishing and restarting simulators remotely.
Shaders compatibility (integrale version only)
Possibility of doing GT / Endurance / Production car / classic / Rally / Open Wheel / Formula 1/2/3/4 (some mods are optional)
Possibility to create all these local servers "à la carte" (rally server / gt / for an event.... to mix categories...) training /qualify / race...

Custom server (depending on the number of simulators)
Screen (multi-screen possible as an option)
Complete network equipment
Prosimu Manager license (License only for one server / Non- transferable)
Racing Software Commercial License (One lifetime license/simulator and server/non-transferable).

Each simulator will be configured to accommodate the multiplayer racing system.
The management system will be made from a single PC control station (Server) allowing complete management of the race
to create the most immersive racing experience, the most exciting for your customers and above all efficient in use for the operator.

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Since 2012, we have installed
+ than 40 Prosimu rooms around the world

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