Possibility of individual sessions on:
Assetto Corsa PRO
Dirt Rally 2...

Possibility of specific development kit (on request/file)

Other software possibilities on request

All simulators are networked:
Export of times
live map
Export telemetry
Alternating day/night/endurance/sprint….
Broadcast TV on giant screen

Prosimu Training Center


T7 Pro

3 x actuators simulator:
Simulateur reference:
T1000 3M ‘SV
Triple Screen 32 Inches
Direct Drive Steering Wheel
Load Cell pedals

Static Simulator :
Simulator Reference : T1000 Statique
Curved Screen Samsung G9
Direct Drive Steering Wheel
Load Cell Pedals

5 x Actuators Simulator:
Simulator reference :
T1000 5 Motions
Open wheel Cockpit
Triple Screens 43 pouces
Direct Drive Simucube PRO Steering Wheel
Load Cell HE pedals

5 x actuators professionnel simulator:
Simulator reference:
T5Pro 2G d'acceleration
Triple Screens 49 Inches
Direct Drive Simucube PRO steering wheels
HE Load Cell 100Kg pedals

2 x 7 actuators simulators
+ 1 pré-tensionnar actuator
Triple Screens 50 inches / VR headset
Simulator reference:
T7.1Pro with PRS200 R' actuators
T1000 7M with PRS200 R' actuators

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Prosimu makes these training simulators available through its Prosimu Training Center for:
car manufacturers,
automotive teams,
sports coaches,
The SimRacers,
Gentleman Driver,

Simulator half-day / day / week service...
Request for annual exclusivity possible: On request/on file
Possible privatization request: On request
No restrictions (software/hardware)

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