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"New Interface, VERY EASY TO USE:

Just 1 slider to set the global power
1 Slider for each DOF/EFFECT"

2 Background autolaunch minimized softwares

P5MP motion platform simulator

"When everything is preset for the first time, You only start your computer ,
You launch your game and start to play, nothing else"

The software is enought powerful to have the maximum settings

Axis Limiting settings: If you prefer lower movements with big impacts for example, you can !

Lenght of the actuator tige
Attribute your own DOF for your precise Axis

Wich DOF you can set:
Roll / Pitch / Sway / Surge / Heave / Yaw / Extra's dof like Traction Loss / Front Traction Loss and more...

Smoothing / DeadZone / WashOut / Anti-rollback / Traction Loss and more....

Set the speed and acceleration for your actuators

You prefer to have access and set everything by yourself ? An Advanced settings mod?,

No problem: Yes, you can !


For :

All professional drivers as well as our
"PROSIMU Professional Training Center"
training center in Le Mans are now equipped with the PROSIMU/SimTools combo to meet the expectations of drivers / SimRacers and more generally meet the needs of teams / car manufacturers

Our Philosophy:

"To fully understand and know what we are doing,
ONE setting is required for ONE function,
This is THE best solution to obtain THE best rendering,
And that's only possible with SimTool

The Simtools Software, by our modifications,
is fully developed and fully optimized for all PROSIMU simulators.

For these very high level performances, PROSIMU therefore officially supports the Simtools software.

Mains Features:

Plus de 100 jeux compatibles:

Extremely powerful and sharp SimTools base
Used by enthusiast individuals, automotive/aerospace/military industry professionals)
Optimized and 100% suitable for Prosimu PRS50 - PRS200 Actuators
Pre-configured for ease of use
Advanced settings possible
New very simple control interface by Prosimu
Source code to create your own Game Plugin
Prosimu official support

Simtools is THE software used to control all electric actuators (PRS 50-200-200R' version)
of our motion simulators/platforms....
it makes the link between the simulation software (game / application software) and the actuators.

And much more...

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