P5MP motion platform simulator

With the P5MP™, your cockpit goes dynamic.

You've been dreaming of experiencing the incredible sensation of a dynamic chassis, while keeping your cockpit in its current configuration? With the P5MP™, it is now possible. Attach your cockpit1 to the platform, and enter the world of motion simulators.


A wide list of compatibilities.

The P5MP™ was designed to be compatible with most cockpits on the market. Whether you are a fan of
motorsport or aeronautics simulation, the P5MP™ will be the ultimate weapon in your quest for realism.


Several actuators strokes available, up to 200mm

New structure, specifically designed to handle PROSIMU® PRS200™ actuators²

Traction loss system to feel the loss of grip / yaw of the vehicle

New-generation PRS200™ actuators, with breathtaking performances

4x PRS200™

High performance actuators

1x PRS50

Traction loss actuator

The P5MP™ provides 4 degrees of freedom thanks to its 5 actuators. It is capable of accurately reproducing most of the movements felt in a vehicle, even the smallest ones. The P5MP™ traction loss system offers very characteristic sensations, allowing you to feel the loss of grip or the yaw of the vehicle. Stay on course in all circumstances with P5MP™.

P5MP motion platform simulator
Give motion to your cockpit

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P5MP motion platform simulator

F-1000S Simulator

Fully Compatible with

Two Versions
Static & Motion

P5MP motion platform simulator




5 actuators, a multitude of movements.

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