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T1000 2 motions

Looking for sensations? Go motion with the T1000™ 2M. Enter a new world, and rediscover every aspect of your favorite simulator.

T1000 2 motions

Initially designed for industrial use, the SCN6 actuators of the T1000™ 2M are both reliable and efficient. They will retranscribe every dynamic information sent by your simulation software. With the T1000™ 2M, jump straight into the heart of the experience and live the simulation, just as if you were there.

T1000 2 motions


T1000 2 motions

Adjustable seat brackets allowing a comfortable inclination of the seat.

Adjustable and tiltable pedal plate,

for an optimal driving position.

Double Dyadic SCN6 front actuators,

for a dynamic inclination of the chassis.

Predrilled steering wheel plate with adjustable arm. Gearbox / HOTAS bracket sold separately.

Extremely robust metal frame, especially designed for dynamic use.

Pendulum system allowing a uniform movement of the chassis on two axes.






140 cm


99 cm


120 cm

Excluding seat / accessories

50 kg


200 mm/s



Max weight

40 kg

T1000 2 motions

Twice as much sensation.

T1000 2 motions

High precision actuators

T1000 2 motions

Twice as much sensation.

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