With the T1000™ 3M'SV  as "3 motions", you will experience a whole new sensation.

Feel now the rear of your vehicle thanks to the traction loss system integrated into the chassis.

Never lose traction ever again, stay in control of your vehicle at all times with the T1000™ 3 Motions'SV.

High precision

PRS50 PROSIMU actuators

Traction loss system

T1000 3M 'SV
(Steel Version)

T1000 3 motions SV 3DOF

The T1000™ 3 Motions 'SV  traction loss system offers very characteristic sensations, allowing you to feel the loss of grip or the yaw of the vehicle.

Stay on course in all circumstances with the T1000™ 3 Motions'SV.

Adjustable and tiltable pedal plate, for an optimal driving position.

Double Prosimu PRS50 front actuators, for a dynamic inclination of the chassis.

Prosimu PRS50 actuator for traction loss system helping control the loss of grip / yaw.

Predrilled steering wheel plate with adjustable arm and compatible with most steering wheels on the market . Gearbox/HOTAS bracket sold separately.

Extremely robust metal frame, especially designed for dynamic use.

Pendulum system allowing a uniform movement of the chassis on multiple axes.





140 cm

Excluding seat / accessories
85 kg


120 cm

maximum allowable weight

130 cm ( with seat)

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T1000 3 motions SV 3DOF
T1000 3 motions SV 3DOF

"accessories sold separatly" or in "turn key" option

Traction loss system

T1000 3 motions SV 3DOF


T1000 3motions 'SV

"New Quieter Version !
more efficient !
and the Traction Loss is Always Included !"

T1000AL 3M 'SV
(Aluminum Version)


Acceleration: >1G 

T1000 3 motions SV 3DOF

Quieter Version !
Traction Loss Always Included !
       even more efficient !

Actuators Management Software: SimTools-Prosimu Software

Mains Features:

Plus de 100 jeux compatibles:
Aerofly FS 2
Assetto Corsa ( ainsi que version PRO)
Assetto Corsa Competizione
Automobilista 1 et 2
City Car Driving
Codemasters games (F1 Series / Dirt Series / Dirt Rally 1 et 2)
Elite Dangerous Horizons/Odyssey
Flight Simulator 2020
Forza Games
Joystick Mod
RaceRoom Racing Experience
Project Cars 1-2-3
Rfactor 1-2 Pro
Star wars Squadron
War Thunder
.....and more others...

Extremely powerful and sharp SimTools base
Used by enthusiast individuals, automotive/aerospace/military industry professionals)
Optimized and 100% suitable for Prosimu PRS50 - PRS200 Actuators
Pre-configured for ease of use
Advanced settings possible
New very simple control interface by Prosimu
Source code to create your own Game Plugin
Prosimu official support

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