The simulators as well as the Prosimu PRS actuators are entirely made and designed by PROSIMU / Made in France

T1000 5 motions

The ultimate combination.

New structure1, specifically designed to handle PROSIMU® PRS200™ actuators

New-generation PRS200™ actuators, with breathtaking performance

Several actuators strokes available, up to 200mm

Traction loss system to feel the loss of grip / yaw of the vehicle

Breakthrough the boundaries of simulation with the T1000™ 5M. Equipped with 4 PROSIMU® PRS200™ actuators and 1 Dyadic actuator for traction loss, strap yourself in for a breathtaking experience. This dynamic chassis offers 4-axis movement and a stroke up to 200 mm. The PRS200™ actuators, the brand's newborns, are based on the latest technologies in the industry, and offer unprecedented performance. Ultra-reactive, powerful and with striking fidelity, they are the perfect asset for an ultimate combination.

Fast. Powerful. Accurate.

T1000 5 motions
T1000 5 motions


Made of the best materials, the T1000™ 5M chassis is designed to last. The metal structure has been specifically designed to handle movements without distortion, and without loss of fidelity.

Incredibly powerful, the PRS200™ actuators make the T1000™ 5M simply amazing. No need to say more, the statistics speak for themselves. All this, with a more than modest power consumption.

New generation

The T1000™ 5M is one of the new generation simulators designed by PROSIMU®. It benefits from the latest technologies and innovations in this field. Experience simulation like never before.

T1000 5 motions


5 Motion, 5 Actuators.

The T1000™ 5M provides 4 degrees of freedom thanks to its 5 actuators. It is capable of accurately reproducing most of the movements felt in a vehicle, even the smallest ones. The traction loss system of the T1000™ 5M offers very characteristic sensations, allowing you to feel the loss of grip or the yaw of the vehicle. Stay on course in all circumstances with the T1000™ 5M.

4x PRS200™                                 1x Dyadic

T1000 5 motions

High performance actuators

Traction loss actuator

T1000 5 motions

The T1000™, Supercharged.






155 cm

Excluding seat / accessories

240 kg


280 mm/s


110 cm


2 G


140 cm

Max weight

200 kg

The ultimate combination

T1000 5 motions
T1000 5 motions
T1000 5 motions

Le T1000™ 5M est le plus musclé de sa catégorie, affiche des statistiques à couper le souffle et offre de nombreuses innovations technologiques. Il est le fruit de plusieurs années d'expérience dans le monde de la simulation. Avec le T1000™ 5M, aucun compromis, goûtez à ce qu'il y a de meilleur chez PROSIMU®.

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