The T7 PRO™ is the new reference among 6 DOF dynamic simulators thanks to the 2 additional effects of oversteer and understeer and its ProSimu PRS200 actuators having been created especially for automotive and aeronautical simulation.

T7 Pro

Technical characteristics:

The T7 PRO™ simulator is equipped with 7 PROSIMU® PRS200™ actuators

Private use:
(Travel of your choice of 100mm, 150mm or 200mm),

Intensive use – professional use:
('R as reinforced, reinforced actuators / low inertia motor...)

or even PRS300™
(for training centers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, contact us).

"Embark on a breathtaking experience."

This dynamic chassis offers 6-axis movement,
and a travel of up to 200 mm
and 2G of acceleration on each of its 7 actuators or Axes.





T7 Pro

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Vincent Capillaire

The T7 PRO™ simulator was designed and manufactured in France in order to meet the requirements of professional pilots for their training.
The T7 PRO™ Dynamic Simulator has 6 completely innovative degrees of freedom (6 DOF): it also simulates oversteer and understeer (loss of front and rear grip) to meet the demands of pilots: to be as close as possible to the real driving.

On the market, there are traditional 6 DOF simulators commonly called Stewart/Hexapod platform which are good for airplane piloting, but not suitable for car piloting because they do not transcribe oversteer and understeer (loss of front and rear grip) and all with a fairly high latency time.

The T7 PRO™, with its unique and patented system, was designed for automotive simulation and aircraft simulation; it can also be used for research and development. It is certified by various ISO industrial standards. (Already used for the automotive industry / automotive competition / research laboratory / military / medical field...)

"Ultra low center of gravity,
High-performance PROSIMU actuators,
SimTools management software with special PROSIMU management
3 years of development,
Unique system patented by PROSIMU",
Specific PROSIMU/Pro Drivers development (24 Hours of Le Mans)

T7 Pro
T7 Pro
T7 Pro

In the simulation, speed and acceleration are needed to give you impact when braking and accelerating.

With 280mm/s and 2G of acceleration, our simulator will offer you the best sensations on the market.

With 44 movements/second, our PRS200 ProSimu actuators allow you to feel the effects of the road and vibrations in a much more striking and realistic way than a traditional hexapod.

The 44 movements/second are only possible by using our high-end servo drives fitted to PRS 200 actuators with high-speed CanBus 10Mbit/s ISO 11898 communication.

The low height of the platform (43 cm) will allow you to have your center of gravity at its lowest and to feel your vehicle even better.

Our simulator therefore allows you to feel the loss of grip at the rear and front (oversteer and understeer) unlike other 6 DOF simulators (Hexapod type) which are not designed for this.

After three years of research and development, the T7 PRO™, patented by ProSimu, is the 6 degrees of freedom (6DOF) simulator with unique technology: simulation of oversteer and understeer, with the sole objective of being as close as possible to the real driving.

The T7 PRO™ is the new reference among 6 DOF dynamic simulators thanks to the 2 additional effects of oversteer and understeer and its ProSimu PRS 200 cylinders having been created especially for automotive and aeronautical simulation.

Whether you are a professional driver, Gentlemen Driver, Sim-racer or simply passionate, the T7 PRO™ is the simulator you need!

Platform ProSimu 7 Motion series and Simulator T7 Pro
6 DOF: Heave/Surge/Sway/Yaw/Roll/Pitch
2 Effects: oversteer and understeer simulation
44 movements/seconds (without latency)
Max speed: 280mm/s
Max acceleration: 2G
Minimum platform height: 43cm
Fixed screen (not embedded in the simulator): no discomfort.
Actuators sizes available: 100mm/ 150mm/ 200mm
Permissible operating weight: 450kg
Communication: CanBus 10Mbit/s ISO 11898
(Secure Communication / reliable / efficient and very robust) – massively used in cars (ECU) and airbag triggers.
Simulator without screen: 2000cm x1600cm
Simulator with Triple Screen Support 49 inches: (length) 2000cm x (width) 2800cm
Weight: 380Kg
Operates at 220V 16A (compatible at 110V with a 110->220V converter not supplied)
French Made Product

PROSIMU patented technology

CE standard

T7 Pro
Vincent Capillaire

Mains Features:

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Extremely powerful and sharp SimTools base
Used by enthusiast individuals, automotive/aerospace/military industry professionals)
Optimized and 100% suitable for Prosimu PRS50 - PRS200 Actuators
Pre-configured for ease of use
Advanced settings possible
New very simple control interface by Prosimu
Source code to create your own Game Plugin
Prosimu official support

Actuators Management Software: SimTools-Prosimu Software

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