The simulators as well as the Prosimu PRS actuators are entirely made and designed by PROSIMU / Made in France



Prosimu T5Pro
Motion simulator with 5 actuators

The ultimate racing cockpit.

For professionals,
by professionals.
Highly adjustable,
improved sensations,
Experience racing like never before.

Prosimu T1000 3M




Motion simulator with 5 actuators
Prosimu T1000
Static simulator
Prosimu T1000
Prosimu T1000 5M

Surgical accuracy, breathtaking performance, this is one of the best simulators ever created.

T1000 5 Motions

4 x

Scalable => T1000 7Motions


Prosimu P5MP Motion Platform
Prosimu P5MP Motion Platform
Motion simulator with 5 actuators


Since day one, we wanted to change the way people see the world of professional simulation.
Our goal was to make simulators more compact, more affordable, while remaining powerful and extremely accurate.

With hard work and dedication, we created a product range that perfectly met those targets.

Since 2009, we make motion simulators for every type of user, whether it's professional,
e-sports, Simracers or professionnals drivers
(Le Mans,
GT, Formula 1, WRC ...) or gentlemen drivers.

There's no compromise.
Quite simply, passion Made By Prosimu at your service.

An incredible motion experience for your cockpit.

Prosimu T7Pro

Acceleration: >2G
Speed: 280mm/s

PRS200 Actuator

"Prosimu, a rare company which develops and designs its own simulators and own actuators (PRS50 / PRS200 / PRS200 R '...) specially designed for simulation.
Performance, manufacturing quality and service are the key words that drive the Prosimu team.

From Europe to Canada where we have our premises, we strive to transmit our passion,

Make simulation accessible to everyone. "

Vincent Capillaire
Maxime Brient Iracing

Starting from 490€ ttc


Upgradeable to Dynamic !

Upgradeable to T7Pro !



Quieter Version !
Traction Loss Always Included !
                                               even more efficient !


Acceleration: >1G 

Motion simulator with 3 actuators

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